Make sense of the infinite troves of data from your online and offline channels on one centralised platform and discover how your social media engagement correlates with your POS numbers.



Bridge the disconnect between your online performance and offline profit with our proprietary data-analytics tool.

Unlimited Team Members


No limits to the number of team members you can invite to manage your brands.

Intelligent Recommendations


RoundUp’s proprietary algorithm derives optimized recommendations so that you can develop that perfect marketing strategy.

Consolidated Dashboard


Data sets from the connected channels are rounded up onto a single, centralised dashboard for a consolidated view.



RoundUp is built to integrate with any ecommerce, POS, CRM, social, digital, and offline data sources.

Industry Benchmark


Benchmark your channels’ performance with industry’s standards.

Brand Sentiments


Understand the real sentiments of your brand through our deep learning, which incorporates layers such as subjectivity and sarcasm detection, among others.

Report Customization


Our world-class team of analysts and data scientists from various industries have the expertise to customize reports according to your business model and needs.


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