Got an awesome idea? Whether you are an early stage startup hoping to gain validation, or looking to scale after raising your Series A, we provide the necessary actionable insights for you to develop that perfect go-to-market strategy.



Our dashboard is developed with founders and marketers in mind. Connect, and generate. Simple, no hassle, no analyst required. Perfect for startups!

Competitors Analysis


Know thy enemy. Understand where you stand among your competitors by tracking their performance across select channels.

Growth Projection


With relevant data sets, you can generate growth projection reports that may potentially secure your next round of funding.



Not just affordable, but cost-effective, ensuring that every cent spent has a real return.

Marketing Analytics


Know thy self. Track performance across your marketing channels and generate reports that recommend the best methods to optimize your go-to-market strategies

Insights & Trends


Our proprietary tool will analyse your data in-depth and highlight trends that may help pinpoint your next course of actions.


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